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Our perspectives on praneo's main focus


Renovating Innovation Indicators for a Sustainable Eco- and Onto- nomy

Switzerland is the world champion of innovation. So what? In terms of the metrics in use, the system is optimized. Try to learn from it and you may improve the business just a tiny bit. But look... Read more

Education of the Mind and its Faculties

How to change unconscious pattern ? How to train our own mind ? What are the potential faculties of an educated and well mastered mind ?

According to St Thomas Aquinas, « Whatever... Read more

How much for a nail?

How to set a price? How to define the value of things? This paper’s intention is to drive you from the apparent simplicity of traditional cost-based pricing methodologies to the highest level of... Read more

People Planet Profit sustainability in business: dream or reality ?

Imagine a world where corporations would serve the common greater good. What would this ideal world look like? What would law, finance, governance and citizen/consumer look like?

Is this... Read more

Conscious Collaborative Organization

Is the pyramid working? What kind of organizations is providing autonomy, innovation, and engagement? How to transform current leadership values and organizational structures into situational... Read more

Social insights and future vision

Our current human social capital “investments and returns” do not lead to a sustainable way of life. It yields limited, biased, fragmented mindsets, action logics and understandings of... Read more

Which education for tomorrows' leaders

How to train 21st century leaders ? Is it still possible to "industrially manufacture" them or shall we apply completely different principles ?

Conference given the 1st of April in... Read more