Our Foundation

Our Foundation

praneo is a foundation whose goal is to promote a sustainable society in economic, human and environmental terms. It was born from the life experience of each member of the team who found a lack of meaning in the evolution of society and a lack of coherence between the economic, ecological and societal dimensions within companies. It encourages awareness for the individuals, the company and organizations as a whole.

Neutral and independent, praneo is free from any political or religious interests and propaganda. It encourages tangible and concrete practices and promotes methods that have successful outcomes proven over time, not just for individuals, but also at the collective and professional level. It is distinguished by its community of reflection as well as by its network of experts in various fields affecting both the company and the individual.

A tribute to Philip Koenig (1963 -2018)
Co-initiator praneo

praneo is the contraction of “prana” the breath in Sanskrit and “neo“, which means new. That fits well with what Philip was, a breath of fresh air for our industrialized world. He lived his work as a priesthood, an indefatigable “pollinator” of a vision of the world more aware of the interdependence of everything.

It will remain in our hearts the memory of a good man with unwavering determination and in our heads, his holistic vision of the world and our societies.

Sustainable economy centered on the human

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