In our vision, coaching helps an individual to learn and develop resources and techniques, upon which they can rely on to overcome obstacles and roadblocks.

It is particularly indicated when the causes of dissatisfaction are multiple and/or poorly defined. In such situations, coaching allows us to observe and assess from an external point of view, put the various elements in perspective, discover the root cause of blockages and help draw realistic and effective solutions.

Team coaching views the group as if it were a system with a unique identity, which is made up of different personalities.

An external coach is the best guardian of neutrality to highlight the obstacles that hinder sustainable performance. It facilitates the emergence of suitable solutions and faster adaptation during major changes.

Entrusting us with this task, you benefit from the experiences coaches who have worked for over 20 years in supporting teams, Corporate Executives, management and employees.

As a result of their extensive knowledge and experience, when necessary, they are willing and capable of going beyond the standard coaching techniques, to provide you with alternative solutions and appropriate advice as needed.

Each situation is unique which is why we encourage you to contact us, without obligation for a first meet, where together we can assess how best to help you.

The wide range of expertise that praneo consultants have to offer is an extremely valuable and relevant resource.

In a constant and fast changing society, it is extremely beneficial to have experts from all the strategic sectors under the same roof. This facilitates solving complex situations, stemming from all levels of the value chain.

Regular and open communication in a safe and trusted environment, boosts confidence for all collaborators involved.


Sustainable economy centered on the human

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