Management by the Flow

Management by the FLOW

The sustainable performance of employees is largely dependant on environmental factors (in a broad sense their working conditions) and the nature of their daily tasks.
While there are many ways to improve working conditions for employees, rarely does the distribution of tasks get questioned on a regular basis. We generally assume that this is addressed during the recruitment process. Yet we all know that there can be great differences between the tasks, as presented to engage an employee, as opposed to his/her daily routine within the organisation.

  • So how do you ensure that the raw potential of your employees is leveraged regularly?
  • What do they need to stay engaged and committed over time?
  • What are the main strengths of individuals within a team?

Our intervention would help you to:

  • Identify hidden talents
  • Optimize the creation of project-oriented teams
  • Identify and eliminate triggers that lead to long term stress

Work in a state of Flow©

We believe

  • Emotion is a determining factor in individual and collective performance
  • Getting to your Intrinsic motivation is also a science

Allow your employees to

  • Be fulfilled in their work
  • Reveal their intrinsic motivation
  • Maintain their motivation
  • Reduce their exposure to negative stress

Get an uncompromising diagnosis of the emotional state of your employees and discover a way to reduce the negative stress in your teams by accurately determining:


  • What activities stimulate the intrinsic motivation of your employees
  • How to better employ their key competencies on a daily basis
  • How to anticipate a lack of productivity due to individuals

Sustainable economy centered on the human

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