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Education of the Mind and its Faculties

How to change unconscious pattern ? How to train our own mind ? What are the potential faculties of an educated and well mastered mind ?

According to St Thomas Aquinas, « Whatever is received, is received according to the nature of the recipient ». This highlights the outmost importance of the mind: the recipient of every possible interaction with our environment which determines what we see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Educating our mind is therefore vital to make our beliefs systems evolve, leading to chosen preference patterns and meaningful actions.

Conference given at the World Academy of Art and Science in September 2015 as part the Postgraduate certificate on Education.

Conscious and Unconscious mind at work:

What is our mind? How does it shape our identity? Are you a consequence of your mind or do you know how to master the causes that determine your entire life?

Our mind is responsible for our vast range of emotions but if we do not train it to watch out body sensations and their forthcoming emotions, the consecutive actions will take place without us noticing it. Therefore we could say that the mind is a continuous and mostly unconscious process that determines our actions at every instant, based on external stimulus and reference to past likes/dislikes.

How to change unconscious pattern?

An analogy of the mind is the riverbed and the water. If you wish to change your actions (the water) you have to add new riverbed (preferences and beliefs) to the current one. To change, you have to create new riverbed and then sustain the flow of water in the new ones. Meditation, Yoga and other mindfulness-based exercises are designed for that purpose. By focusing our mind on the here and the now, new riverbeds are created and sustained making changes sustainable.

Some faculties of the mind:

Most mother or twins experienced that if their beloved is having pain or intense sadness, they feel it instantly even at great distance. Their mind is receiving information without space or time limit. In 1982 Alain Aspect demonstrated the phenomenon know as quantum entanglement. Accessing a realm of instantaneous information is simply one among so many extraordinary faculties of the mind. Hindu and Buddhist traditions have millennium of advanced practices of mind exploration.

Why and what for are we trained this way?

Since early childhood, pupils are sitting in front of teachers. For hours, days and years, obeisance, memorization and repetition are valued instead of self-responsibility and understanding. However in every culture there always has been two systems, two forces: one system is called exoteric and is about exploring and organizing the visible, material world. Another system is called esoteric, interior and is about revealing the inner mysteries of the mind, and solely relies on each of us as individuals. We focused on one system and rejected the other.

How to balance our education?

Montessori or Steiner are examples of successful alternatives. They are intended to develop those two systems together balancing inner and outer worlds, left and right brains, art and science etc… Mind education starts with the fundamental golden rule and cultivates 1. right speech and right action 2. right effort and right concentration 3. right understanding and right thinking.

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