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Our current human social capital “investments and returns” do not lead to a sustainable way of life. It yields limited, biased, fragmented mindsets, action logics and understandings of complexity.  This leads to rather dramatic societal consequences: increasing People emotional, intellectual disengagement, affecting dramatically psychological and physical health, accelerating the extraction of our Planet’s limited resources, which are “stolen” from next generations, and a senseless search for ever growing Profits in lingering economies. 

We have been doing this for so long now, that we can hardly imagine an effective “human centric” way to lead in complex times. What about integrating heart, soul, emotions and all our unique human forms of intelligences?

What would renewed positions of wisdom and courage, shared visions and values, caring with compassion, passion and co-responsibility, tenacity and trust, belief in Self and Transcendence, spirituality and Agape, integrity and integration, bring to our society and leadership?

How could 21st c. leaders and collective intelligence “uncork” a wiser sustainable future, for the sake of a common greater good ?

Conference given the 1st of April in Dubrovnik at the WAAS conference on Leadership for a New Paradigm

1 : Leverage patterns of living systems (slides 10,12)

Ancient wisdom and updated sciences converge.

In Humanity 4.0, Michelle Holliday, proposes to adapt our social attitudes, behaviors, intentions and decision making principles to living systems, as understood by biology.In

Living systems thrive, are creative, resilient, emergent and sustainable, when 4 “polarities” are continuously reinforced: more open and fluid relationships, strong convergence and federation of the whole, very divergent parts constitute the whole, and the system has very strong self integrating properties.

Gen Y is particularly well positioned to live and do so !

2 : Aknowlegde spiral dynamics and our immunities to change - slide 8

We can be wiser and more creative to find solutions to any crisis.

Spiral Dynamics, like William Torbert’s action logics, help us better understand various structures of interpretations.

They all have specific and complementary roles & responsibilities to play in business, organizations and society. 

We can invite each person, and each culture of an organization, region or society to move along the spiral to open itself to more and more potentials.

Robert Kegan’s “immunity to change” process sllows each of us to engage himself starting from our outdated behaviors through our shadow side toward our constructed  identity that is the seed leeding to preferences and so action logics.

3: Lead with wisdom, stay connected to the Flow and the Akashic Field

Would you choose follow you ?

Marc Strom invites wise leaders to seek and leverage brilliance in people, speak with promise to restore hope and meaning, show grace in dealing with most demanding people and circumstances.

It is critical to create safe spaces for self and others to be, become and dialogue. Unprotected conversations can emerge there and change the world.  ( Slide 16 ) Would you follow yourself ?

Erwin Laszlo, like others, do bring together the Akashic Field of perennial philosophy, quantum field physics, and the universal memory of all happenings - past, present future - of the Kosmos. A fascinating Source and proposal to be discovered, or rediscovered ! Intuition, inner voice, creativity, “aha” or “eureka” moments, flow, wisdom, prayer, silence, meditation, synchronicity, serendipity, etc… might be related to the A-Field. What do you think ?

4: Urgently increase awareness of leaders and decision makers about tackling complexity and implementing systemic approaches

Our socio-economic systems continue to grow and evolve. We need to acknowledge that, because if we do not, our decisions will be too partial, fragmented and biased and therefore will create many too unexpected side effects. Whereas at a higher stage of consciousness meaning at a higher level of altruism and complexity, these collateral damages would have been anticipated.

We need to rethink and redesign real-world strategy and policy challenges, addressing the interconnectedness of the markets/systems we live in.

5. Leaders, be bold and intuitive: let’s reboot rethink and renew our commons ! (slides 2,3,5,6,9,14)

May wise leaders, systemic thinkers and actors, gather, anticipate, design, conceive, govern to allow emergence for a better living together. 

May all of us dive into this internal journey that is opening our heart and mind to a bigger and brighter present.

Many pioneers have opened new paths and paved our roads. It is our turn to do the same for the next generations. We should have a positive legacy: leave the planet and humanity in a better condition than the one we received.  Cynics, skeptics and value destroyers won’t do it. 


Postconventional leaders create breakthroughs, initiate change and energize the next action logics to diffuse innovation. Initiators and true leaders do it way before innovation becomes visible, understood and accepted by the greater conventional majority.


May “social capital” become another measure of our common success, as suggested in some solidarity studies of the Social Progress Imperative (here), Bhutan's Gross National Happiness (here), human fundamental needs by Manfred Max-Neef (here), Leadership in metamorphosis (here) by Gottlieb Guntern and many others.

May a more balanced and harmonious  finance - economy - business - political ecosystem emerge, with positive social impact, thanks to initiatives like for example those of Paul Polman, Henry Mintzberg (here), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (here), Gaia Education Ecovillage (here), the world academy of arts and science WAAS (here), le Leaders Forum (here), and upcoming SDGs, launched globally by the UN in September 2015 to all organisations and leaders. 

May wise leaders, systemic thinkers and actors, gather, anticipate, design, conceive, govern to allow emergence for a better living together. 

May all of us dive into this internal journey that is opening our heart and mind to a bigger and brighter present.